A branded pool holds benefits for many type of businesses including:
  • Sports Related Businesses (Sports Bars, Retail, Gyms) - Offering a pool contest with prizes gets people interested in your business, increasing brand awareness. We can also collect information from each entry like addresses or specific questions you would like asked to help you learn more about your customers.
  • Business to Business (Any "supply chain" business) - Offering a pool contest to your suppliers or business customers is a great way to reward loyalty, and to get their opinions on how you're doing, how you might do better, and their plans for the future, all while projecting a professional and fun image. This is actually our lagest percentage of customers.
  • Web Businesses (Newspapers, TV, Magazines) - For any business with a significant web presence, a branded pool is a great way to build awareness of your site. Coupled with promotion and the "word of mouth" advertising that sports pools naturally drive, a pool will increase traffic to your site throughout the month of the tournament.
  • Any Business or Group - If you are part of any business or group and simply want a way to have fun event for your employees or fellow group members, running a branded pool is a great way to do it with style.
  • Brochure - Check out our brochure for more information.

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We offer invaluable data collection features. You can specify up to ten multiple choice or fill in the blank type questions you would like to ask each entrant, in addition to address information if desired. As users sign up, their responses will be available from your own Pool Administration page, and also downloaded to spreadsheet. This is the kind of hard to get information that can prove invaluable to any business wanting to know more about potential customers and what they are thinking.

We don't just offer you a simple banner with a link. In addition you can specify up to three more images with links to show up on your pool site pages, along with the full color scheme you'd like us to use.

By using netBrackets, you don't get some watered-down basic pool. You get the full netBrackets feature set including forums (if desired), win analysis and all the other 'goodness' listed on our Features page. Very important when you're trying to project a quality image.
Here's a sample screen shot, and another.

If you'd like to get started at no cost, Please E-Mail Us and we can setup a no-cost prototype of your site for you. If you like what you see, we'll then need the following information to finish up your site:
  • Banners and images - Up to 4 banners and images you'd like displayed on your pool's pages.
  • Banner Links - Links to where people who click on your images will be sent.
  • Color Samples - You can tell us specific colors, or just send us a link to a site you'd like us to match.
  • Desired Scoring Options - We support basic 'points per round' scoring as well as various seeded scroing options.
  • Name and Tagline - This is the name and tagline you'd like to see at the top of every page.
  • Ten Questions (optional) - Specify up to ten 'multiple choice' or fill in the blank type questions you would like us to ask each entrant.
  • Web Address - We register the URL of your choice that links directly to your pool.

SMALL POOL SPECIAL: $200 for first 100 entries, 50 cents per entry thereafter.
Standard Branded Pools cost the greater of $350 or 30 cents per entry.

Example Branded Pool costs:
200 Entrants 1000 Entrants 1500 Entrants
Example Cost $250 $350 $450