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Welcome to the netBrackets - Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Pool Manager.

Make your pool easy and more fun by hosting with netBrackets, the gold-standard of bracket pool sites. To get started, simply choose the appropriate link above or to the left:
Bonus - For every Standard pool that's created, you'll get a free Sweet 16 Pool.

Note to Last Year's Pool Admins - Your pool has already been created for this year with the same name and password. If your pool had the year (i.e. 13) in its name, it has been renamed to contain 14. If you've forgotten your pool name, send an e-mail with the e-mail address on file, and a reply will be sent with your information.

netBrackets' features make running your pool simple and more fun. Compare the free guys' bare-bone pools to netBrackets and consider whether having all these great features will be worth 25 cents to your participants:

Roll over each feature for more info
Entrant Pick Sheet Information Entrant Pick Sheet
Takes your entrants' picks online, so you don't have to. Use the provided team stats to help make your selections.
Multiple Scoring Options Information Multiple Scoring Options
netBrackets includes scoring options for factoring in the seeds of winning teams as well as awarding extra points for picking upsets.
Track points and standings Information Track points and standings
Updated promptly after every game.
Win Analysis Information Win Analysis
Lets you know your current chances of winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Updated after every game from the round of 16 on so your entrants will always know if they still a chance.
Must Have Team Alerts Information Must Have Team Alerts
Alerts entrants to any teams that must win for them to stay in contention for a first, second or third place finish. Updated after every game from the round of 16 on so your entrants will always know their do or die games.
Game Importance Analysis Information Game Importance Analysis
Sometimes it's difficult to figure out just who you need to root for. It may be a team you didn't even pick. We'll tell you just which games and teams matter most to your chances of winning, so you can root with confidence.
Sweet 16 Pool Information Sweet 16 Pool
Every pool comes with the option to create a free Sweet 16 pool, giving your entrants that second chance when their brackets get busted.
Configurable Splash Screen Information Configurable Splash Screen
As the first screen your entrants will see, netBrackets stylish splash screen gets your pool off on the right foot. Fully configurable, it lets you communicate exactly the information you want to make sure everyone is fully informed and to set the tone for the rest of the tournament.
Pool Calendar Information Pool Calendar
Shows all game times and allows you to schedule your own pool events that are easily viewable by all your pool participants.
Full Featured Address Book Information Full Featured Address Book
In netBrackets's fully editable address book your addresses are kept from year to year, with new addresses added automatically as participants sign up. Coupled with auto-generated inviations it allows you to easily send invites to all your participants each year, and to fully communicate with them throughout the tournament.
Realtime Chat Information Realtime Chat
Brag away with other pool participants with our Braggin' Writes Chat Board.
Fully Sortable Standings Information Fully Sortable Standings
Every pool's standings table is sortable by place, potential, name, chances of 1st 2nd or 3rd place finish, and final four picks.
Pick Information Information Pick Information
Using netBrackets convenient Pick Information Pop Ups you can quickly see who picked which team for every game, all from one page.
Previous Years' Standings Information Previous Years' Standings
Starting with 2013, netBrackets keeps your previous years' standings so you can review just who has won your pool how many times.
Ad and Spam Free Information Ad and Spam Free
Never an ad, just clean fast pages. Your participants' won't be spammed, and their e-mails or other info will ever be sold or given to outside entities. Your participants will thank you. Worth 25 cents by itself.
Branded Pools Information Branded Pools
A whole topic unto itself, netBrackets can quickly create a branded pool for your group or business. Find out more below...

netBrackets charges a $1 setup for each pool, plus 25¢ per entry. It's that simple. Payment can be made using any major credit card or PayPal.

10 Entrants 30 Entrants 200 Entrants
Example Cost $3.50 $8.50 $51.00
*See payment details below

BONUS - You get a free Sweet 16 pool with each Standard netBrackets pool you create. Your free Sweet 16 pool will be limited to the number of entrants in your Standard netBrackets pool, plus 5.

Payment Details
Branded Pools
Got a business, charity or group to promote, or to just have some fun with? Do it in style with a Branded Pool. For as little as $200 a Branded Pool: Over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies plan to use gamification for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. So act now, before your competitors do.

More Info... or eMail Us with your request to get started with a free mock-up.

Play-in Games (First Four) - The play-in games aren't included in your pools. When making picks, slots for the play-in game winners will show both possible teams, but will ultimately be filled with whichever teams win the play-in games.