With so many entrants in a pool, and so many possible combinations of things that can happen, it can become difficult to figure out which teams you really need to win as the tournament progresses. That's where our Pool Status page comes in. Our Pool Status page is the best you'll find anywhere. We give you truely useful information, laid out in an elegant "brackets" format, without overloading you with useless stats. It's the page you're going to use the most during the tournament, so it's the page we've worked on the hardest. Our Pool Status page contains the following easy to access features and information:
  • Our exclusive "Must Have Team" feature - alerts you if a certain team MUST make it to a certain round for you to stay in the running. It may even be a team you didn't pick. (available after the second round of the tournament)
  • Win Analysis - Tells you your current chances of coming in first, second, or third in your office pool. (available after the second round)
  • Our exclusive "Game Analysis" feature - Shows how the outcome of each game will affect your chances of winning the pool. (available after the second round)
  • Real-time Chat - Let the bragging begin on our integrated "Braggin' Writes" board. Every pool gets their own, where others will see your messages as soon as you post them.
  • Pick Info - provided for each game, quickly showing who picked which teams; important when trying to figure out which games matter the most to you.
  • Standings, points and potential points
  • All this makes your office pools more fun by keeping everyone interacting, and fully informed of the standings, their chances of winning, and of the games that matter the most to them.

But we're not just about our Status page. We've also got an easy to use pick selection page, and great pool administration features including:
  • Seeded Scoring Options - Add the seed, multiply the seed and Underdog Bonus
  • Configurable Splash Screen - You define a prize list and a directions that your users will see when they sign up for your pool.
  • Address Book - Add, delete and modify entrants in your address book. We'll also automatically add users as they sign up for your pool.
  • You set the point value for each round and can choose from 3 different scoring options.
  • Auto-generated pool invitations.
  • For returning customers, you can automatically invite all participants from last year's office pool.
  • Late picks? Just use the "Late Picks" link on your Pool Admin page.
  • Free Sweet 16 Office Pool with every netBrackets Standard office pool you create.
  • Printable picks, for taking a hard copy with you to the local sports bar to watch the games.
  • Tie Breaker (total points in NCAA Tourney championship game).
  • No ads = fast, clutter free pages.
  • No spam, and your info will never be shared.
  • Simple and LOW "per entry" pricing scheme. No guessing at the number of people who may join your pool ahead of time, worrying if you bought too big a package, or if you're going to exceed your limit and lock people out. And no worrying that the 51'st person that signs up is going to cost you an extra 20 bucks.

So don't sign up with those other guys and regret it when you can't figure out if you need Duke or K-State to win that big Sweet 16 game, or if it even matters. Be confident in your rooting (and that you're not paying too much) choose netBrackets.